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Meet Our Team

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Dr. Leigh Sheldrick


Dr Sheldrick has a B.App.Sci(Chiro) Grad 1995. Interested in general family chiropractic care, pregnancy care, posture, the total person well being, top to toe care.

She is a highly skilled practitioner with over 20 years chiropractic experience. Her particular area of interest is the iPosture syndrome, a relatively new phenomenon which is the effect of screen technology on posture. Her goal is to understand all aspects affecting a client’s health and apply the latest research in neurology, ergonomics, fitness and nutrition to optimise their health expression. Dr Sheldrick uses a multidisciplinary approach working closely with other health professionals to achieve optimal health for her patients. A registered Chiropractor with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), member of the Australian Chiropractic Association, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and the College of Chiropractic Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics.




Mon: 2:00pm - 7:30pm
Wed: 2:00pm - 7:30pm
Fri: 9:00am - 12:00pm



Dr. Mark Stafford


Dr Mark Stafford BAppSc(CompMed-Chiropr), MClinChiropr is a “hands-on” chiropractor heavily influenced by the words of Hippocrates – “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”
Mark spent his early life tearing around sports fields, swimming pools and trampolines and like many sports-mad boys and girls… getting bumped, knocked down and “being brave”. One day in his early 20’s his spine said enough! What followed was more than 25 years of chiropractic adjustments. In his 40’s, after work in both the music and TV industries, Mark studied chiropractic and graduated from RMIT in 2010.
Presently, he dedicates his working life to caring for adults, children and families. Men’s health is a particular interest due to his experience with health issues and aspects of adult life, relationships, parenthood and “maleness”. Extensive personal exploration/growth and revelation have helped Dr Mark find a unique view of life, health and healing.

Unfortunately Dr Stafford is unwell and does not work with us anymore. We appreciate his sincere efforts and wish him health. 

Dr Christopher J. Lengyel


Dr Chris’ interest in Chiropractic developed after experiencing the benefits of Chiropractic
treatment first hand, and discovering that his chronic headaches and neck pain were the effect
of underlying spinal and postural problems. Having a major focus on public health and patient
education in various areas including activities, lifestyle choices, ergonomic behaviour and
stressors, Dr Chris aims to help the community understand how these factors also impact health
and wellbeing. Dr. Chris provides safe and effective Chiropractic management to all members of
the family through a variety of manual and assisted Chiropractic techniques, specific to each
patient for rehabilitation and prevention of injury and dysfunction. He aims to help each patient
understand and take control of their health-related issues through an explanation of the contributing
factors of their problem and offers guidance to help resolve them.
Over recent years, Dr. Chris has been working with underprivileged communities within
Melbourne through the ‘Hands on Health Australia’ program where he offered ongoing
Chiropractic services free of charge to see that people in less fortunate financial positions still
experience the benefits of Chiropractic where they would ordinarily not have access. This
 opportunity was very rewarding on a personal level to engage with people in need of alternative
healthcare and to see how much their adjustments influenced other areas of their life. The
program also opened up an incredible opportunity for him to travel to India with ‘Hands on
Health Australia’ where he was able to give Chiropractic treatment and general Health
screenings to people in many rural communities. Over the 10 day program he travelled to 6
health camps across the state of Rajasthan which allowed him to assess, treat and provide links
to other healthcare services and traditional healers for over 300 people, many of whom have
never even seen a general practitioner let alone a Chiropractor.
In Chris’ spare time you’ll find him outdoors with his Dog, Alfred, tending to his extensive plant
collection, sitting in Melbourne’s best cafes and restaurants, taking trips out of town for some
fresh air, playing and enjoying music and most of all eating and cooking wholesome and
nutritious meals.
Dr. Chris manages a variety of health related issues for all age groups, from infants to seniors
and is committed to see each person under his care live a happier and healthier life.


Tue :   9:00  am  -  7:00   pm

Fri :    9:00  am  -  7:00   pm





Dr. Marita Smith


Dr. Marita Smith, B.App.Sc. Chiro
Registered Nurse and Midwife
Registered Chiropractor for 24 years
Interests in spinal health care, including aspects related to: pregnancy; children; sporting injury and
performance care and not to forget older people. Marita has been trainer (First Aid) for 3 junior
football teams for many years and enjoy playing sport myself. (Specifically: Tennis, yoga, running,
For 9 years Dr. Smith taught obstetrics and gynaecology to final year Chiropractic and Osteopathic
students, and supervised students at Sacred heart Mission Clinic. Marita has been an active Healthy
Spines team member, having run spinal health promotion programs in primary schools. Her family
life with 3 with teenagers / full-time students, who are all active in various sports, keep Marita busy
whilst not working.
Marita practises, manual, activator and some SOT techniques in her chiropractic care. She also does
soft tissue techniques as required and is experienced in Dry Needling which she finds compliments
the Chiropractic adjustments well.

Mon:      9:00  am  -    12:00   pm

Tue :       9:00  am  -      7:00   pm

Wed:      3:00  pm  -      7:00   pm

Thr  :      9:00   am  -      7:00   pm

Sat  :      9:00   am  -      1:00   pm







Bryan Kent

Myotherapist, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

 Bryan has a particular interest in the assessment, treatment and management of muscular conditions that cause pain, discomfort and affect movement. Since 2005, Bryan has been working as a Myotherapist at Somatic Healthcare Clinic, treating and managing muscular problems for many patients. Bryan has worked with Victorian Premier League soccer clubs, Women’s NBL, Australian Ballet, Richmond Rowing Club and is currently studying for a Masters in Acupuncture at RMIT, however, Bryan finds his work at the clinic to be the most rewarding – helping everyday people with everyday problems.

Having qualified as an Acupuncturist in 2011, Bryan has worked with many Chinese Medicine doctors in Melbourne and also spent time working in a hospital in Hangzhou, China. As a father himself, he is particularly passionate about helping women to treat infertility issues with the use of acupuncture.
Bryan is fully qualified with a Masters in Chinese Herbs from RMIT and is eager to further help people with the use of raw Chinese herbs.




Mon: 2:00pm - 7:30pm
Wed: 2:00pm- 7:30pm
Sat: 8:00am - 1:00pm




Travis Robertson

Clinical Myotherapist

Travis Robertson is a Clinical Myotherapists (BHSc), was a professional ballet dancer between 2011 and 2013, and is therefore extremely results orientated.

After graduating in 2016 from the Southern School of Natural Therapies he has worked in a gym, osteopathy and podiatry clinics, and has now join Somatic Healthcare Clinic in May 2018.

During university, he had extensive experience with a sports physiotherapist at a football/soccer club with an acute/sub-acute treatment focus.

He has volunteered with the Hands on Health organization in the Philippines as well as practicing for over 180 hours in the Think Wellbeing Clinic, Fitzroy.




Tue: 11:00am - 2:30pm; 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Wed: 9:00am - 2:45pm

Thu: 9:00am - 1:30pm

Fri: 11:00am - 2:30pm

Sat: 8:00am - 12:30pm

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