Dr Marita Smith - Marita Smith
B.App.Sc. Chiropractic
Registered Nurse and Midwife


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Dr Marita Smith

Chiropractor & Dry Needling Specialist

Marita specialises in spinal healthcare with focus on children, pregnancy, sports injury, performance care and aged care.

She was formerly a first aid trainer for junior football teams and taught obstetrics and gynaecology for 9 years. Marita also supervised students at Sacred Heart Mission Clinic and has been an active Healthy Spines team member where she has run spinal health programs for primary school children.

Marita practices manual, activator and some SOT techniques in her chiropractic practice. She also utilises soft tissue techniques as well as dry needling. She will create a healthcare plan that will address client’s concerns and will use complimentary techniques to suit each client’s specific needs.