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  • The initial consultation takes between 60 to 90 minutes based on the practitioner's recognition and it is the time that the practitioner needs to record related information about the patient's condition and decides about the treatment plan

  • The ongoing consultations are either 45 or 60 minutes and these are the time that our practitioners need to evaluate the progress of their treatment plans on their patients.

Our Clinical Nutritionist will conduct holistic assessments of nutrient adequacy, dietary behaviors, food quality and lifestyle. Their treatment-plans are evidence-based combined with traditional medicine knowledge encompassing dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.  Therefore, clients are provided with individualized care in response to their health. Their diverse cultural background offer a wide variety of easy experiences which make diet change a palatable adventure.


At Somatic Healthcare Clinic, our Holistic Clinical Nutritionists  can help in the prevention and management of a wide scope of health conditions including:


  • Endocrine disorders

  • Reproductive Health

  • Gastrointestinal/digestive complaints (Food sensitivities/ intolerances/allergies)

  • Mental health/Mood disorders/Sleep problems

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Skin Health

  • Body weight

  • Stress and fatigue

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Metabolic Health

  • As we also focus on family care, your nutritionist can help with weaning, toddler and child nutrition.



What is the difference between a Clinical Nutritionist and a Dietitian?


Both Clinical Nutritionists and Dietitians practice evidence-based medicine, however, they  carry different philosophies.  


Dietitians advise an appropriate diet, food preparation and menu planning for the treatment and management of nutrition-related diseases, they follow hospital protocol which could sometime mean a clinical way of handling clients. 

Clinical Nutritionist take into consideration the whole person, mind, body and soul when addressing diseases and health complaints. They understand biochemistry of food and its impact on human body but also take your taste and personal factors into considerations before drawing a truly personalised plan.

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